Dreams are Like Wild Horses

Paul Riggins

Note: this poem was inspired by the words heard in a song by Dave Stamey called A Song for Jake.


Catch a dream and ride it deep into the desert

Ride it like you own it

Ride it like you know it

Ride it and never look back

Keep your eyes on the horizon

Keep your heart free

Keep your eyes on the path

Let the tears turn to smiles

Let the time turn to miles

Let the memories lift you up

Your dream will take you far

Your dream will take you away

Your dream will take you home

Keep riding it until it arrives

Keep believing until you become it

Keep pushing into the clouds

Let your heart show the way

Let your visions carry on

Let your knowing be the trail

Keep your dream moving forward

Keep your heart in the center

Keep riding until forever

Ride it until it becomes you

Ride it on and on and on

Ride it into the sunset

December, 2019