Desert Meadows Park Donations

Desert Meadows Park Manager Chuck Parsons and his best friend Hudson stand beside the centerpiece saguaro recently planted in the new cactus garden and bird sanctuary located at the south side of the existing facility.

Dear Fellow Quail Creek Homeowners,

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Desert Meadows Park in Green Valley, but you may not know that the park is maintained by the Green Valley Gardeners and is open to the public without charge. Club volunteers have been working (more than 1,000 hours to date) to create an addition to the south of the main park on Prestige Assisted Living property, which will include an extensive cactus garden and a wild bird sanctuary. The cost for the plants for the garden and miscellaneous items for the sanctuary will come to $11,000. If the homeowners of Quail Creek donate the dollars to cover that expense, a permanent marker will be installed acknowledging that support.

If you decide that a contribution is in order, please make your check payable to Green Valley Gardeners, Inc., and mail it in care of Berger Benson, 1173 North Broken Hills Drive, Green Valley, AZ 85614. Thank you for your consideration.