Democratic Club Is Growing and Expanding Activities

Deb Melton

In 2020 the Democratic Club of Quail Creek (DCQC) had less than 100 members. Today that number has swelled to close to 150 and is growing.

In addition to our monthly meetings, roadside clean-up along Continental Road, Women-in-Blue monthly lunches and support of local charities, the club has formed a new Action Committee. The committee grew from the immense interest in January’s program about the Hudbay Mine expansion. If you missed that program and the one in February at the Madera clubhouse, here is the situation:

Hudbay Mining Company of Canada, who owns the mine visible to the east of Quail Creek, is proposing four more open pit mines.

It will impact our views, our clean air, and water resources. You can learn more about this on their website

After the presentation on Jan. 21, several DCQC members approached the board and asked to form a new committee to address this issue and get more community involvement. Todd Combs offered to chair this new committee, and several other members quickly signed up to help with the effort.

“I see this as a truly bi-partisan issue,” said Todd when we discussed it. “This is not political, and it affects us all, especially here in Quail Creek.” One of the most significant issues with the mine is water. Water is used in nearly every aspect of mining, and this expansion could impact us in the future. Another issue is the mine tailings and where to put them. Right now, Hudbay hopes to buy some state-owned land adjacent to their current land and use it to pile the tailings. That will potentially create a massive eyesore on our horizon.

This new committee will look at these issues and come up with some action items that residents can take to help stop this proposed expansion. If you are interested in this issue, please get in touch with the Democratic Club of Quail Creek through our website for more information.