DCQC Speaker Series Continues May 15

Activist, writer, and author Sam George

Activist, writer, and author Sam George

Marybeth Bates

Our speaker is Sam George, principal officer of the non-profit The People’s Choice for President. Their goal is to establish a National Popular Vote for president.

The People’s Choice for President advocates for reform of electing the president of the United States. Currently, the candidate who receives the most votes is not necessarily who wins the election.

George Bush and Donald Trump are recent presidents who lost the popular vote but were elected in the Electoral College. The Electoral College directly elects the president. States delegates, not voters, decide the president. Congress can also challenge this vote, like it was in January.

One person, one vote is a myth in America. States have the final say, and Congress can challenge the vote. There is nothing democratic about our presidential election system. The People’s Choice for President has spearheaded a national effort to end the Electoral College system.

In order for the National Popular Vote to become law, states totaling 270 electoral college votes must approve an interstate compact. The 15 states that have approved legislation to establish a National Popular Vote add up to 196 of the required 270. Only a few more states are needed for the National Popular Vote to become law.

Arizona is a battleground state. In 2016, the Arizona House of Representatives approved the National Popular Vote for President with bipartisan support. The People’s Choice for President is running grassroots campaigns in Arizona and other targeted states, and states, “We seek activists and supporters who will help with our efforts in Arizona.”

Sam George is an activist and writer. He is co-author of The Great Divide: Retro vs. Metro America (Polipoint Press, 2004). It was the first book to name and bring awareness to the cultural rift in America, which has since become a war. Mr. George’s newest book, I’ll Get Back to You (Post Hill Press, 2021), has just come out.

The Democratic Club of Quail Creek is still meeting via Zoom. To join us for some lively discussion, visit qcdemocrats.org for a link to attend on May 15 at 3 p.m.