DCQC Food Drive a Huge Success!

Marybeth Bates

The Democratic Club of Quail Creek (DCQC) thanks all of our Quail Creek neighbors for your overwhelming support and generosity. From Jan. 5 through 20, donations of 1,000 pounds of non-perishables and checks totaling over $2,000 were deposited at the home of club member Jeanne Buell. It was decided to include the Good Shepherd UCC/Sahuarita Food Bank as recipients of your generosity as well as the Green Valley Community Food Bank.

A Sahuarita Food Bank (SFB) volunteer wrote the following:

Sahuarita Food Bank Receives Help from Quail Creek

“As Dennis Desmond and his delivery partner turned into the driveway of The Good Shepherd UCC, on Thursday, January 21, they were surprised to see the Arizona National Guard ready to receive two carloads of nonperishables donated by Quail Creek to the Sahuarita Food Bank.

“Since mid-November, only four staff members and eight National Guard members have been working on-site during SFB’s market days—on Thursdays and Saturdays. The operation has been completely drive-through since mid-March, being the first food bank in the county to deliver its commodities in that way, thanks to the forward thinking of Executive Director Carlos Valles.

“Area need is great, with six to 12 new families registering to receive food each day the food bank is open, each market day. Carlos Valles worries, though, about someday reaching a breaking point, when families have to be turned away because there is no food to give.

“The all-time record was reached before Thanksgiving—289 families served in a single day, with only the staff and four National Guard members—only eight workers. That day SFB came the nearest to running out of food to supply the families.

“Well over a hundred client families have been served every market day for months now, ever since mid-summer. So far in January 2021, the average has been about 300 families served per week.

“The nonperishables donated by Quail Creek residents are helping the Sahuarita Food Bank to feed every family on every market day. The staff and the recipients are most grateful.”

On Friday, DCQC president John Murphy delivered over $2,000 to the Green Valley Food Bank. Again, DCQC thanks you!