Coyote Course Renovation Update

Renovation Task Force

We hope this update finds you all doing well and enjoying your summer, wherever that might take you. There has been no slow-down around Quail Creek and the current renovation of the Coyote Golf Course. All the green surfaces and green surrounds were planted on schedule and have been turned over to our Maintenance Department for grow-in. As with any renovation type of project, there have been challenges, but we are grateful for having a well-qualified contractor and a group of professional consultants to guide us through this process. A good example of the commitment of our team was the morning we started grassing the greens. We had our golf course architect, vice president of Wadsworth Golf Construction, the owner of Evergreen Turf, and owner of Sunwest Reclamation all on property to observe the initial planting of the first green.

Although the “heavy lifting” is done, there is still work around the golf course to be completed by Wadsworth Golf Construction, and they will have guys on the property for several more months.

As we turn over the golf course for grow-in, it will be very, very wet, and any golf cart off the path could create significant damage. Everyone has worked hard over the past three months to give us a golf course we are proud of. Please continue to honor our request to stay off the golf course.