Congratulations to Our 2nd Quarter Winners

Hello Residents of Quail Creek,

Back in July 2019, we implemented a staff recognition program to acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond. Each quarter, there are two employees chosen by management, one front of the house and one back of the house staff member. At the end of the year, every employee of the quarter has the chance to be named Employee of the Year. At this time, we would like to announce the 2021 Front of House and Back of House Employees of the 2nd Quarter. Drumroll, please …

William “Bill” Banker

2021 Employee of the 2nd QuarterBack of the House

William “Bill” Banker, Cook II

Bill is a reliable employee who cares about the food and the customers. He is always looking to have the best quality and gets along with everyone. In this quarter, he has been a big help as we transition to opening up the banquet operations. He is always asking questions to make sure the events are presented to the members’ standards.

Travis Shannon

2021 Employee of the 2nd QuarterFront of the House

Travis Shannon, Lead Server/Supervisor

Travis started out as a busser, then moved to a server position, then to a lead server who sometimes supervises the restaurant. Travis cares about the guest and staff experience and makes it a point to greet everyone, and is also open to learning new duties. He has been involved in the training of our new staff members.