Check Out – Check In – January 2015










Janet Mills

Life’s a Bark – What Dogs Teach Us About Life and Love by Larry Kay

Larry Kay tells us that life’s a bark. Let’s make a joyful noise. The first note of the dog is think big and tries this. The second is smile and the whole world smiles with you. This is the way all through the book. The good pictures are delightful. I believe it is the best dog book I have ever read. It shows the reader how to train and enjoy the dog and both learn good habits.

The Map Thief -The Gripping Story of our Esteemed Map Dealer who Made Millions Stealing Priceless Maps by Michael Branding

This is a story of a man named E. Forbes Smiley who made millions researching maps of the world, buying them cheaply and selling them for profit. He was highly esteemed for his knowledge of history. Many of the maps were made in America and were held in awe by settlers looking for land in a new country. Blanding takes the reader through Smiley’s years and tells the reader how Smiley spent his money. He decided he needed to get away and built a home in Sebec, Maine. It was just a village and then he decided to build a shopping center. The residents were not too happy with him for changing their rural lifestyle and then they went out on their own and built a dock. This made Smiley mad and he didn’t go up to Sebec often after that. Then he decided to build a house on the Vineyard. It took a great amount of money and Smiley realized he was not selling as many maps and yet he was going more and more in debt. He decided to cut out maps in atlases or books and sell them to raise more money. After several years he was finally caught and brought to trial. I won’t tell you anymore. You will have to read and find out what happens. I found the story fascinating and well worth the time it takes to read to the end.

Hills of Chianti – the Story of a Tuscan Winemaker Family, Seven Bottles by Piero Antinori

If you are a wine drinker you may surely know the name Antinori. Since 1386 this noble Florentine family has produced some of Italy’s finest wines. Their legacy is defined by the seven bottles they have produced in all this time. In his memoir, Piero reveals the passion, tradition, love of the craft that has made 26 generations of Antinori change very little in the wine. At the time Piero is writing the memoir, his three daughters have stepped in to carry on the tradition.

When two bottles of wine from Washington state won the international completion sponsored by the wine industry of France, it shook up the industry. One of the last chapters is about Piero Antinori coming to the United States, buying into the wine business. His three daughters, now grown, have all taken employment in the wine industry in Italy, the United States, Chile and other countries. If you enjoy wine, you will definitely want to read this book.