Candidates for resident member of Quail Creek POA Board of Directors

Cathy Maghran

Phil Opdenbrouw

Andrew Rodriguez











Daryl Laux, Webmaster

Cathy Maghran

Full-time resident of Quail Creek since April 2013. Born in Buffalo, N.Y., lived south of the city in Boston [Hamburg], N.Y. for 57 years. Married Mark Maghran in June 1980. Two children: Erin, age 38, resides in Boston, Mass.; and Meghan, age 34, resides in Boynton Beach, Fla.

Registered nurse from 1977 through 2012 and is presently retired. Employed in surgical care for a local hospital, the American Red Cross, as a nursing instructor, and for the past 20 years, as a school nurse for an elementary school with 350 students. Retired in 2012 and is caretaker for disabled husband since 2011.

Experience: Founder and director of the Boston Valley School Relief fund serving the needs of families; director of the BVS Christmas Needy Fund; member of the BVS Student Support Team; director of student council; coach of girls J.V. lacrosse team; summer school high school nurse; Autistic Program nurse at BVS; involved with the Emergency Evacuation Program at BVS; member of Faith United Church Boston; N.Y. Summer Recreation nurse for Town of Boston, N.Y.; member of the Town of Boston Planning and Zoning Board for nine years; member of Town of Boston Environmental Committee; town councilman 2007 through 2012 for the Town of Boston, N.Y.; balanced town budget for six years with no increases; built two playgrounds and a recreation center; Worked on the Soil Erosion Committee, the Flood Committee, community lighting and Christmas lighting, Community Services Committee, Planning Board, three fire department budgets, and road maintenance and equipment budgets.

Presently a commissioner on the Sahuarita Planning and Zoning Commission for the past six years.

Caretaker for home and disabled husband.

Intent: To serve as a member of the Quail Creek Board of Directors.

“Quail Creek has been so good to us and I would like to try to give back by serving on the board, giving my time, knowledge, and experience for my friends and neighbors. My husband has improved from being a quadriplegic to walking with a cane—going to the gym, to the restaurants, and as an active member of the community. We owe so much to the area, the gym personnel, the patrol, and the fire department, our friends, and neighbors.

My years of experience and knowledge should be an asset to the community I love and the POA Board while working to keep the integrity of our area while we continue to grow as a community.”

Phil Opdenbrouw

“Six years ago, I was honored by our community to receive a majority of votes in the 2015 Quail Creek Property Owners Association Board of Directors election. I had decided to run for this Board seat because I wanted to help continue improving the quality of our community, wanted to help reduce the increasing property owner costs, and most importantly, wanted to be a community voice.

“My wife Mary and I have been proud fulltime Quail Creek residents for more than 20 years. I am a retired IBM software engineer. I am one of the founding members of our Quail Creek Computer Club, its first vice president, its second president, and am honored to receive a Life Member award.

“While serving on the POA board, I have increased my knowledge and understanding about our community and how it is run. Most definitely, I have learned that our two elected resident POA Board of Directors members are in a voting minority. To promote resident-proposed change in our community, one must successfully negotiate with the board members and our POA board president. I am proud of the times when I was successful.

“I now ask again for your vote so that I may continue efforts to further improve our community’s quality. Increasing costs, which result in higher amenity costs and higher POA fees, need to be controlled. Your opinions are important to me.

I humbly ask that you vote for me, Phil Opdenbrouw.”

Andrew Rodriguez

Andrew retired as an executive focusing on international business management here in the U.S. and overseas, mainly, but not limited to the fields of communications, telecommunications, and wireless telecom infrastructure.

During his career, he worked and resided in the U.S., Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region.

He founded and managed companies in the U.S., Hong Kong, and China, and was active in all aspects of the business. He has previously served as chair of the board or board member of companies ranging from technology, consulting, transportation and logistics, and engineering.

Andrew is a veteran, having served for 10 years in the U.S. Coast Guard. He and his wife Nancy built their Quail Creek home in 2018.

While he has not actively served on any QC committees, he was the person responsible for establishing the QC GoFundMe efforts in 2020 that resulted in the collection and distribution of approximately $54,000 to our QC employees that had lost hours due to the first wave of Coronavirus. Andrew worked closely with resident members of the POA board and management to ensure all funds were properly distributed and accounted for.

As a Quail Creek resident, Andrew has met and had discussions with past and present Board members. He shares their concern for our community and dedication to making it a safe and inviting place to live.

He sincerely believes that we must have a strong collaborative relationship with RCI, and ensure that we convey, and advise them as to how our community is evolving. Our demographics are changing, along with our preferences in everything from social and physical activities to cuisine.

After all it is “our resident board members” that live here, use our facilities, drive our roads, and walk our sidewalks, and have chosen to retire here.

We must also ensure that our board effectively represents all Quail Creek homeowners (shareholders), and that issues of importance are addressed and corrected in a timely manner by our general manager whom the board is responsible for hiring, overseeing, and managing.

Andrew feels his extensive experience at the board level of numerous companies will make him an effective and responsive Quail Creek POA board member.