Attention All Bridge Players—Warm Up Your Computers!

Mickey Zimny

Gary Mitchell, an American Contract Bridge League Diamond Life Master and teacher, is offering a webinar (Zoom seminar) on Wednesday, Dec. 9 from 9 a.m. until noon. The topic will be hand evaluation, which is the basis of all close bidding decisions. For example:

Is my balanced 17 count too good to open 1NT?

Is my 10-11 point limit raise too good or too bad?

Gary will cover all the basic decision problems. There will be a two-hour PowerPoint lecture with examples on Zoom. Afterward, there will be a one-hour question and answer period. When you register, you’ll receive the lecture notes and a good number of example hands with explanations. These will be over and above the examples used in the lecture. Cost is $20 (via Zelle or check).

Gary has been offering bridge classes and private lessons to QC residents for over two years and is highly regarded by all his students. With in-person classes temporarily suspended, this is your opportunity to continue to improve your game.

To register or for questions, contact Gary at [email protected].