Arizona’s Snakes—Magnificent and Misunderstood

Western diamondback rattlesnake

Western diamondback rattlesnake

Nancy Planck, Member Services

Arizona’s Snakes—Magnificent and Misunderstood will be presented by Jeff Babson, environmental educator, in the Madera Clubhouse Crystal Ballroom on Wednesday, May 12 at 5 p.m. with a $10 cash donation at the door.

Arizona is home to 57 species of snake, from tiny, worm-like threadsnakes, to robust boas, six-foot long gopher snakes, and venomous coral snakes and rattlesnakes. This presentation explores the wonderful world of Arizona’s snakes, including identification and natural history. Snakes are much-maligned animals that deserve our respect, but they do not need to be feared. Join us for a look at these fascinating reptiles! They can do everything we can, but they do it without limbs!

Due to COVID guidelines, we will only be seating 120 patrons per lecture, at six feet apart. Cloth face masks are required entering the Madera Clubhouse until you are seated.

Food & beverage will not be available for purchase. Please bring your own water, as water stations will not be available.