Are You Looking for Fun with Friends in Quail Creek?

Back row: Nancy Hatch, Holly Crombie, Dennis Murray; Front row: Angie Werner, Patty Zatkin, Maureen Brealey, Liz Livingston, and Pam Rodgers

Patty Zatkin

The Quail Creek Social Activities Advisory Council was recently established to support our Director of Banquets, Activities, and Events, Epifania (Epi) Torres, in the planning of fun for everyone! In the works are some themed events for the holidays (think pumpkins, elves, valentines, jelly bellies, egg hunts.) New events are coming soon, such as weekly Trivial Pursuit in the bar at the Grill. Previous favorites will be returning, too! Parades, contests, tournaments, and late ballroom parties are on the horizon. So much more could be possible. If you have ideas or would like to help out, contact one of the members of the Quail Creek Social Activities Advisory Council: Angie Werner, chair; Liz Livingston, co-chair; Nancy Hatch, secretary; Holly Crombie, Dennis Murray, Pam Rodgers, Maureen Brealey, and Patty Zatkin.