Appreciate Your Garden

Bonnie Nowicki

Happy January 2021, dear Quail Creek gardeners. It’s a new year and, hopefully, many new beginnings. Perhaps now is a good time to review our home landscapes. Of course, there are many features we love about our personal gardens. We move through our yards so quickly; we don’t always savor the beauty before us. Are we taking our landscape for granted? Let’s focus on the positive. What loveliness are you drawn too, time and time again? A secluded corner by a bird-feeder, or a flowering shrub attracting birds, or your entire yard with its comforting and welcome feel? Stop, sit, and enjoy your home landscape.

These thoughts came to mind as I looked through my special book on Longwood Gardens. It’s a great source of inspiration for me. A real feast for the eyes! Located thirty miles from Philadelphia, Pa. in the historic Brandywine Valley, the gardens were the country home of Pierre S. du Pont. Acres are full of outstanding themed gardens, fountains, unique plant walls, a glass enclosed orangery, and elegant exhibition hall. I toured Longwood Gardens a few years ago and framed some of my photos. I have fond memories of this unforgettable place.

So please look again, closely, at your landscape loveliness and appreciate the work you’ve accomplished. Our gardens are creative works in progress. So perhaps adding a unique, evergreen accent shrub, such as the well-behaved green spire euonymus with dark, glossy, green foliage, would enhance a particular spot in your yard. A favorite cool weather accent plant of mine is the cyclamen persicum with its vibrant red-pink flowers sitting above heart-shaped, variegated green leaves. It’s perfect for a patio table top. They are found in many grocery floral departments or plant nurseries. You can transition this plant to your yard now. Cyclamen are corms, which are bulb-like roots that prefer some dryness and part shade. Luckily, we can garden year-round here in Green Valley, so there are many options to beautify our surroundings. Happy gardening and love the garden you’re in!