Anza Athletic Club Class Descriptions

Body Blast T,TH 10 a.m. Lorraine Beaver. Work all muscle groups using high-volume reps and low resistance with dumbbell weights—a great workout geared to improving muscle tone and definition and cardiovascular fitness. Bring a mat and lots of water! Class limit 22

Classic Fitness T,TH 11 a.m. Lois Bossert. This workout consists of a warm-up, 20 minutes of low-impact aerobics set to music, with 20 minutes of muscle toning using hand weights and/or stretch resistance bands, followed by stretch and relaxation. Chairs can be used if desired. Class limit 24

Fit & Strong T,TH 8 a.m. Mari Palazuelos. This class is ideal for beginners and those who are just beginning to think about getting in shape. Increase strength, agility, balance, coordination, and range of motion. We use hand weights, resistance bands, and balls. Chairs can be used to assist with balance. Class limit 16

Gentle Yoga M,W 8 a.m. Todd Combs/SA 8:30 a.m. Mark Mandel. Experience a slower pace Hatha Yoga practice. Not intense or strenuous on the body. The session is followed by a guided musical journey into deep relaxation. Class limit 22

HIIT Fit T,TH 7 a.m. Laura McMurtry. High-Intensity Interval Training: 35- to 45-minute class focusing on a full range of activities that will tone and provide a great cardio workout. Class limit 16

Karate M 4:15 p.m., T 4 p.m., TH 5 p.m., F 2 p.m. Stan Herum. Level 2 is for those who have advanced from Level 1 and will continue to practice at a higher level in this progressive class. Class limit 24

Senior Balance T,TH 3 p.m. Todd Combs. Target audience: Adults 60+ who are ambulatory, concerned about falling, or those who may have fallen in the past and have restricted their activities because of concerns about falling. Learn to improve strength, coordination, and balance. Class limit 12

SilverSneakers T,TH noon. Lois Bossert. Move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills. Use hand weights, elastic tubing, and stability ball for resistance. A chair is used for seated and/or standing support. Class limit 24

Sports Conditioning M,W 3 p.m. Lorraine Beaver. Transform and challenge your muscles with stretch, flex, abs, and balance. See an improvement in your golf, pickleball, tennis, and softball abilities. Bring a yoga mat and water. Class limit 22

Total Body Workout M,W 9 a.m. Lois Bossert. Join us for a total body workout! Set to invigorating music, this class will be using hand-held weights and resistance bands, along with low-impact aerobic movements. The focus is toning the entire body. Bring your yoga mat and water! All fitness levels welcome. Class limit 24

Vinyasa Flow Yoga M,W 11:15 a.m. Mari Palazuelos. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a more fast-paced yoga that focuses on linking poses together in a fluid, smooth way. Settle into therapeutic poses that encourage meditative movement and breathing techniques to release tension and quiet the mind. All levels welcome! Bring a mat and water. Class limit 24

Yoga for Men, TH 4 p.m. Todd Combs. Yes, real men do yoga! Men and women practice yoga differently. Yoga for Men will specifically work with the guys on core strength, flexibility, mobility, and improve balance to become better at your usual activities. Class limit 24

Zumba T,TH,F 9 a.m. Mae Weravetz. Zumba is a fun interval dance workout to fun, high-energy Latin and contemporary rhythms to tone, enhance, and increase muscle endurance. Get your heart rate up and boost cardio endurance to easy-to-follow dance moves. All fitness levels welcome. Class limit 24