Angel Heart Pajama Project Collection a Huge Success

Pictured (left to right) are Jane Reichert, Jan Panhuis, Peggy McGee, Roxanne Housley, Holly Crombie, Barb Hunsinger, and Patti Lopez holding up just a few of the donations received at TWOQC’s holiday luncheon. (Photo by Alphie Smith)

Peggy McGee

For its final project for 2022, The Women Of Quail Creek’s (TWOQC) Community Outreach Committee sponsored a collection of children’s pajamas and age-appropriate books for the Angel Heart Pajama Project (AHPP). This Tucson-based 501(c)(3) donates new pajamas and books to children ages 0-14 who are homeless, going into foster care, seriously ill, or living in poverty. The organization wants each child living in these difficult situations to know that they are special, loved, and that they are unique gifts to the world. They also strive to foster literacy in these at-risk children. The AHPP transfers pajamas and books to the Green Valley and Sahuarita Food Banks for the youth going into foster care in the local area. Since its founding in 2013, Angel Heart Pajama Project has served close to 30,000 children in Southern Arizona.

TWOQC sends a sincere thank you to all who so generously contributed to the AHPP collection. Because of the generosity of club members and Quail Creek residents, the club was able to present Patti Lopez, AHPP executive director, with 206 pairs of pajamas and 191 books, as well as $470 in monetary donations to enable them to continue their work of making life just a bit easier for children being placed in foster care. Ms. Lopez, who attended TWOQC’s holiday luncheon, thanked TWOQC for its support and thoughtfulness in choosing Angel Heart Pajama Project as one of its projects. She shared a lullaby (reprinted with permission) that was written specifically for the children they serve:

Rest, my child

It’s time to say goodnight

Lay down your fears

And I will hold you tight.

Your future is bright.

Tomorrow is anew.

I am here for you.

One day you’ll see

What I see in you,

A gift to the world

A gift to me, too.

With love and care

Your dreams draw near.

We’ll be with you always

From crib to career.