An On-the-Go Event—U.S. Customs and Border Protection Motto: Honor First

Photo by Pat Neel

Photo by Pat Neel

Bonnie Hyra modeling a police vest (photo by Pat Neel)

Pat Neel

A much-anticipated excursion to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Facility in Nogales, Ariz., was the destination for 15 of The Women Of Quail Creek adventurers. The March 23 visit was informative and fascinating. It expanded the group’s understanding of the important work and dedication required for protecting U.S. borders. The tour included a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation that explained Customs and Border Protection’s vision, mission, and goals for protecting our southern border. Routine duties and responsibilities of agents were also discussed.

The Border Patrol was established July 1, 1924, with two men covering 27 miles of international border on horseback. A wire fence was erected by Mexico to thwart Americans crossing during prohibition. Today, 500 agents are employed at the Nogales station. They patrol 1,100 square miles of terrain, 32 miles of international border, and the communities of Tubac, Rio Rico Patagonia, Amado, Green Valley, and the western section of the Coronado National Forest. We learned that during typical shifts, immigration-related apprehensions occur frequently, and drug interdictions are uncommon.

The tour included viewing the Communication and Command Center where information from field surveillance (towers, mobile units, subterranean cameras in 166 tunnels) is coordinated and analyzed.

The group concluded with a visit to the horse corral and lunch at Nickels Diner in Rio Rico where discussion continued and many pictures were shared. Everyone was enthusiastic about this important learning excursion.

Access excellent videos on Facebook by Googling “Nogales Border Patrol Station Facebook.”