A Successful Computer Club Open House

Jim Burkstrand

On January 11, the Quail Creek Computer Club held its annual open house. Invitations had been extended to the entire Quail Creek community – for 2019 members to register for 2020, for non-members to come learn about the club and sign up for 2020, and for all 2019 and 2020 members to take part in a drawing for a number of door prizes. The club was building on a very successful 2019 when we finished the year with 530 members, up from 490 in 2018 and 472 in 2017.

The event, organized by Dianne Thomson, was very busy and exciting with well over 200 people attending. We had tickets submitted from 130 households (one ticket per household) for 14 door prizes. During the open house, we had 109 households pay their dues for 2020, including 49 new households with 80 new members. That puts the current club membership on track to exceed 2019’s as new people move into Quail Creek and join. Our BoD were on duty for the entire event to answer a variety of questions, ranging from the content and timing of our many courses to how open lab and help sessions work.

Previous BoD member Brenda Sawchuk enjoyed the task of phoning the winners and delivering the prizes. Carol Casey won the iPad, which was the most highly sought-after prize. Other door prize winners included: Victor Linn, Carole Parnes, Otto Rath, Diana Simmons, Ken Bahr, Connie Olsen, Susan Murphy, Kevin Larkin, Jeff Webster, Sharon Corcoran-Perry, Ellie Kusiak, Patriece Geise, and Deb Robinson.

The next general meeting of the Quail Creek Computer Club – open to all – will be Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. in the Madera Ballroom. Daryl Laux, webmaster for the QC website, will present a talk on the current QC website. She will discuss many of new features and information the residents can find and use.

If you are interested in learning more about the QC Computer Club, go to our website at quailcreekcomputerclub.org and click on the General Info tab. To see a calendar of current classes, click on the Education tab. To speak to someone about the club, come to the lab in the CATC building during open lab hours, which are listed on the website calendar. Dues are the same for one family member or two; only $20 per household for the calendar year.