A Legend in His Own Time

Janet Johnson

On Aug. 25 members of the 18-hole Quail Creek Ladies Golf Association presented Harvey Trott with the biggest congrats/thank you card they could find. Harvey has been serving the Quail Creek community for 20 years! After retiring from his very demanding career, he and his wife Carolyn moved to QC and Harvey started working on Patrol, was then a golf course ranger, and for about the last 15 years, has been the “backbone of the Pro Shop.” Over the years, he has taken on numerous challenges, taught himself the Chelsea and North Star System, and has been the “go-to person” for many staff/members.

He never quite got the concept of part-time, and seems to always be available for whatever, whenever. People will often say, “Go ask Harvey.” He’ll know how or what to do. He is referred to as the “Operations Guy,” the “Computer Guru,” “The Guy Who Knows,” and the “Back Office Guy.” Harvey is an “out of the box” thinker and doer. He’ll teach you what you need to know and listen to your questions, suggestions, and comments, even when they are, well, umm, interesting. He has been the last guy standing so many times when there has been no one else to carry the torch and do what had to be done.

We ladies appreciate when he started the long-standing tradition of wearing Hawaiian shirts on Thursdays for Ladies Day. We are seeing more of him this year on ladies play days, tooling around the course just to drop in and say hi. Legend has it that he is known for his Bloody Marys that he mixes up on the course out of his golf cart while playing his music and enjoying the day.

We ladies appreciate all that you do, Harvey, and want to let you know. Congrats on your many accomplishments and for saving many of us numerous times. “You Rock!”