World Team Tennis Brings World-Class Fun!

Joy Olson and Robin Yonis mixing up the salads

Jean Henry, Sylvia Arnold, Dave Sypkens, and Judy Sypkens keeping track of scores

Gloria Bible

If you are like most casual tennis observers, you are probably unfamiliar with World Team Tennis (WTT). WTT is a format many have never heard of, but when QC Tennis Club President Rick Wade happened upon this unusual tournament, he was intrigued. Lo and behold, coincidentally, another QC Tennis Club member, Jean Henry, proposed a tournament modeled on this format here at Quail Creek. Needless to say, President Wade’s response was, “Go for it!”

And go for it, Jean did, organizing sign-ups, blind draws to determine teams, and providing organizational assistance. Once the four teams were determined, team captains were selected and team names and colors decided.

There are several unorthodox differences between regulation tennis and WTT, the most important being that in WTT, all players compete in teams, regardless if they are playing singles or doubles. Other important differences are cumulative scoring (every game counts), and unlike regular tennis, calling a “let” (when the ball hits the net on a serve) costs your team a point. Also, either receiver can return a “let” serve—definitely a big no-no in regulation tennis!

So, with the groundwork laid for WTT, the tournament took place on Feb. 16, 17, and 18 with the most pleasant playing weather imaginable. Forty-five players competed on four teams, distinguished by their team colors and led by their four captains.

Earning bragging rights with 94 points was Full Metal Rackets led by Captain Steve Hirdes. Captain Steve Arendt and his team Loosely Strung came in second with a total of 86 points. Tennis the Menace Captain Dave Sypkens and his team garnered 72 points, followed closely by the 70 points accrued by Captain Doug Shumway and his team Retreads.

Then, as they do at every event, it was the Social Committee’s turn to shine. Sylvia Arnold, Chris Moravchik, Dinah Shumway, and Joy Olson organized the celebratory pizza party with half a dozen different types of pizzas and cold drinks. Rounding out the celebration were savory salads and delicious desserts.

WTT brought a winning combination of team play, somewhat quirky (but fun!) rules, and camaraderie. It’s a formula sure to be repeated!