2020 Quail Creek POA Board Election

Jack Davis

Jack Davis

Quail Creek Election Committee

Each year, eligible candidates have the opportunity to run for election to serve in one of the two elected positions on the Quail Creek Property Owners Association (POA) Board. At the time of printing, we have one announced candidate, Jack Davis. You can go to the Election Page on the Quail Creek website to review Jack’s candidate statement. Candidates have until September 14 to submit their letter of intent to the POA Board. Any additional candidates who step forward will be announced in “What’s Happening” and the October issue of Quail Creek Crossing. Please look for announcements in “What’s Happening” since the October issue of Quail Creek Crossing will not be available until after the voting period has started. If we do not get additional candidates, no election is necessary. However, if another candidate steps forward, an election will occur and voting will begin on October 13 and end on November 10.

In previous announcements, we have requested residents to vote electronically in our POA Resident Board Member Election. We’ve had a great response to this request and want to thank everyone for your cooperation in this effort. Electronic voting substantially reduces the cost to our POA. It is simple, convenient, accurate, and secure. On October 13, electronic ballots will be sent out to property owners with an email address on file.

This year, paper ballots will only be mailed to property owners who do not have an email address on file. These paper ballots will be mailed on October 13. Completed paper ballots must be received by the POA by November 10. We understand that this is a change from previous years, and we hope you appreciate this decision. As stated above, this will save the POA a considerable amount of money. Considering the environment we are all experiencing, this decision also was made in the interests of your safety and that of the Election Committee Members, who will be able to gather for a shorter period of time to count your ballots.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.