1,322 Pounds of Food!

Quail Creek Rainbow Club members Mary Greer, Bob Lane, and Jerry Cuffe presenting a club donation check to Allyson Porter, AHR board of directors/vice president, and Suzanne Kammerman, AHR executive director

Jerry Gardner

In May 2022 the Quail Creek Rainbow Club met to discuss philanthropic opportunities and decided to sponsor a local food bank. “The club wanted to do something to support underserved communities in our area and considered several options,” says Bob Lane, a Rainbow Club coordinator. “We agreed the Arivaca Human Resource (AHR) food bank fit our criteria.” Since then, the club has held monthly events at members’ homes where a food donation box is set up for nonperishable items. To date, 1,322 pounds of food has been collected and donated to the AHR!

At the November Rainbow Club event, representatives from the AHR were invited to attend and meet club members. Allyson Porter, AHR board of directors/vice president, and Suzanne Kammerman, AHR executive director, gave a heartfelt presentation about their organization, vision and mission, services, programs, and projects. “It was an opportunity for us to meet club members and give them a big thank you for all they have provided our community,” said Porter. “We are very grateful for our partnership with Quail Creek and the Rainbow Club and overwhelmed by their generosity.”

During the presentation, club members learned about the diverse services offered by the AHR, and the need goes beyond food. “They provide many services for the community, such as hot meals, low-income energy assistance, transportation, and a medical equipment program,” says club member Jerry Cuffe. “They also have a thrift store in Arivaca to raise money for these services. We all learned so much more about the organization.”

Since then, the Rainbow Club agreed to expand donations at their monthly events and in addition to nonperishable food items, will begin collecting items for the AHR thrift store and accepting cash/check donations. Recently, at the December holiday event, members donated 87 pounds of food and $900 to the AHR. Cuffe added, “It’s such a great feeling to hear how our donations have helped the community and that our philanthropy is making an impact.”

For more information about the Arivaca Human Resource organization (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit), the services they offer, and to make donations or contributions, visit their website www.arivacahr.com or contact the Quail Creek Rainbow Club at [email protected].