The Women of Quail Creek Club hosts baby shower

Peggy McGee

Twenty five moms or moms to be, nine of them service members in the Air and Army National Guard, were greeted to the sounds of Teddy Bears Picnic as they entered the mess hall at the Air National Guard facility in Tucson. The mess hall had been transformed from drab to festive as teddy bears and other stuffed animals graced the tables which were covered in red gingham. An anonymous Quail Creek resident donated musical bears for every mom. Two diaper cakes, carefully assembled and transported to the shower site by TWOQC members, were given as door prizes.

The shower was made possible not only by members of TWOQC but also by generous donations from the Quail Creek Community.

With the idea of practicality in their minds, the baby shower committee filled laundry baskets with handmade blankets, hats, booties, and clothing of all sorts. Thermal totes with TWOQC’s quail logo, with a small bear attached, were filled with diapers, wipes, nail clippers and other items needed for newborns. Each basket and bag had the mom’s name on it to show that the gifts were really for her and her baby.

After games and snacks, the moms opened their gifts and then took part in a free raffle for more unique baby items, a stroller, swing and handmade sweaters. There was also a store where the moms and dads could shop at no cost for gently used baby clothing donated by the White Elephant. As they were leaving, each mom was given a mom’s bag containing a watch and some grooming products.

In the words of many of the young moms and dads, the shower was awesome!

All the photos were taken by Eileen Sykora.