Watercolor class offered

A watercolor course will again be offered at Quail Creek by Bert Boerema during the months of January and February. Bert is a well known artist and instructor and has been teaching this course at Quail Creek for several years. This has been a very popular course and many of his students have repeated several times. Bert’s painting subjects cover a wide range of landscapes primarily from the Southwest. The class meets weekly for three hours.

Bert has a unique approach to teaching his classes. He first provides students with a line drawing for the day’s project. He then works along with the class, doing the same painting, guiding them step by step. Students observe as he begins his painting and then do the same on their own paintings. Then the students return to observe as he works on the next phase, after which they do this to their own paintings. Each class session provides students the opportunity to produce a complete painting. Bert’s class demonstrations and instructions are very specific and his main emphasis is on technique. Bert said, “My main goal is to teach students how to use and work with watercolor. Creativity is wonderful, but unless you understand the techniques, you have no way of using watercolor to express your creative ideas.” The course is designed for students who have at least a little experience with watercolor.

To facilitate scheduling for those who arrive at Quail Creek at the end of January, the course is offered as two, four week, class sessions. Classes meet on Monday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The first session, Intermediate Watercolor 1, starts January 6, 2014, and is followed by Intermediate Watercolor 2, starting February 3, 2014. It is not necessary to have taken the first class session in order to take the second. The cost is $90.00 for each four week class session. The classes meet in the Fine Arts Room at the Arts and Technology Center.

To enroll, or to get more information, contact Bert by email at BEB3@ALUMNI.CALVIN.EDU or by telephone. Landline is 616-698-6828, mobile 616-901-9781. To get a suggested list of supplies and to see samples of Bert’s work, visit his website at www.bertboerema.com.