Spotlight On Advertiser: Pure Clean Solar

Q. My panels always look better after it rains, why isn’t this enough?

A. Yes, a good hard rain may pound some of the dust off but if your car sits outside for a good rain how clean is it after it stops raining? The fact that the panels are harder to see, not like looking out a window or your windshield makes it hard to see much of what’s still on them.

Q. What makes a clean panel produce better than a dirty one?

A. Solar works best when it can absorb maximum light and poorer as they get hotter. Dirt blocks light and holds heat. For every degree over 107 they lose 1.1% of their production. Readings we’ve taken have averaged 12 degrees cooler after cleaning. 12 x 1.1% = 13.2% increase in production. That’s the part that keeps them looking good and paying for their own cleaning; the only cleaning you can do that pays for itself.

Q. Why don’t I just rinse them off with the hose?

A. The mineral content in the tap water in Arizona is quite high, generally from 300 parts per million and up. That’s what they call TDS, Total Dissolved Solids. When that tap water dries it leaves the surface rough and better able to hold dirt going forward. This is a destructive path for your panels and should be avoided.

(You probably wouldn’t consider spraying your car with a hose and letting it air dry.)

Q. How does what you do differ from either rain or hosing them off?

A. We bring our own water with us and it has all the minerals removed. It first goes through a reverse osmosis system and then a mixed bed resin tank so when it goes up the hose to the water fed brush it is a perfect -0-. It’s “deionized,” so pure from a mineral content aspect it won’t even conduct electricity. This is what is used in the microchip industry to clean with. It’s a reasonably aggressive cleaner and after brushing and thoroughly rinsing your panels, windows, awnings, shades dry absolutely spot and streak free. It contains no chemicals of any kind and after gathering the minerals/dirt it returns to its natural balance and becomes neutral again. Environmentally friendly and very effective.

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