Quail Creek’s dance doctor

Rick Bobillot

“I’m happiest when I’m pursuing a challenging goal,” said my wife, Kathi Bobillot, who just received her Doctorate Degree in Ballroom and Latin Dancing. Kathi started her career in 1984 and had her own dance business in Washington State. In a profession dominated by male instructors, Kathi won more than 20 Top Teacher Awards. We retired and moved to Quail Creek in 2013. I witnessed her preparation for her Doctorate, practicing at home every day and going to the Anza every night. “It’s the fountain of youth,” Kathi exclaims. “Health is wealth, and dancing is the best form of exercise for your body and brain.”

When we go to the TGIF Dances, it’s more fun to get up and move than just listen to the music. Hopefully the QC residents will take advantage of her expertise.

Kathi’s group classes will resume in October, but you can book a semi-private lesson right now. Call 520-777-7077 or email [email protected], or visit www.2LeftFeat.com for rates.