QC9LGA host junior golf tournament

Junior Golf Tournament participants

Junior Golf Tournament participants

Christi Tucker

The QC9LGA once again hosted a youth golf tournament for Continental Middle School students. On March 9, thirty-six middle school students, consisting of 18 girls and 18 boys, joined 36 Lady Niners in a Four-Person Scramble Golf Tournament. This was the seventh year that the Niners have hosted this event.

The tournament is the highlight of the Continental Middle School’s golf program. Students must earn the right to participate in the tournament by good behavior, grades, attendance, golf test scores and effort. The students are very competitive for the 36 available student slots.

Many ladies and gentlemen from the Quail Creek community assist at the middle school during the four week golf program by helping Coach Steve Lathen (Athletic Director and Physical Education instructor) with the golf instruction. In addition, Quail Creek golf associations have donated equipment, balls, mats and money to help the school’s successful program. Each year ladies from the Niners personally donate sleeves of new golf balls for the students to use during the tournament.

This year the students were treated to an early lunch before the tournament. Teams for the tournament consisted of two Lady Niners paired with one boy and one girl from Continental Middle School. After the tournament the Lady Niners and students attended an ice cream/cookie Awards Social in the clubhouse.

The winners of the 2017 Junior Tournament were 1st Place: Billie Harsch, Julia Righetti, Gayle Lafferty, Gabe Escalera; 2nd Place: Sue Gunter, Emma Mancia, Carol Galloway, Devin Alvarez; 3rd Place: Mary Jo Schupman, Nadia Borboa, Cathy Thiele, Johnathon Lane; 4th Place: Lou Moultrie, Amber Escarsega, Frieda Hyles, Jacob Garcia

Both the students and ladies have a lot of fun. The students get a chance to play on a golf course and the ladies get to help the students with golf, rules and encouragement. The QC9LGA, along with a $500 donation from the Quail Creek Desert Duffers, paid for the students green fees, lunch, ice cream social  and trophies.