Putters celebrate the full moon

The full moon shown over the putting green; photo by Jim Burkstrand.

The full moon shown over the putting green; photo by Jim Burkstrand.

Peggy McGee

The Lady Putters gathered under the light of the silvery moon to take part in the annual Moonlight Madness festivities. The eerie glow from the necklaces, putters, the holes and special glow-in-the-dark golf balls were all that illuminated the putting green that evening. There was a small flashlight attached to the clipboard holding the score cards but the light had to be extinguished as soon as the score was entered.

Despite the challenges of a wobbly golf ball and not being able to tell if the green slanted upward, downward or was quite straight, the ladies did remarkably well. Members of the first place team, Barbara Haley, Joyce Walton, Lindsey Dickinson and Carolyn McBride each received $10 for their composite score of 171. The second place team members each won $5 for their 173 score. Team members were Dorie Franklin, Gloria Clancy, Lee Schmidt and Sylvia Perry. The third place team, Cheryl Frances, Marilyn Burkstrand, Pat Ward and Sylvia Butler also scored 173 and were awarded $5 each. There was a tie-breaking hole that determined the second place from the third place team.

In first place with the lowest score of the evening was Dorie Franklin who won $10 for her 38. There was a three-way tie for second place with Barbara Haley, Diane Dodd, Wendy Van Dyck each receiving $5. There was a three-way tie for getting two holes-in-one, with Suzan Bryceland, Cindy Hogg and Dorie Franklin each earning $10.

Additional hole-in-one winners earning $5 each were Barbara Haley, Lindsey Dickinson, Cathy Stevens, Lynda Pilcher, Lee Schmidt, Cheryl Frances, Marilyn Burkstrand, Diane Waldapfel, Ginny Hutchinson, Bonnie Smith, Susan Grass, Wendy VanDyck, Jackie Owen, Lydia Lukins and Marcia Faulkner.

Said several of the ladies, “I did better in the dark than I do when I can see where I am aiming!”

Twenty additional door prizes included bottles of wine, water bottles and garden items were awarded.