Putters and Duffers team up

Peggy McGee

For a change, there was some cloud cover and a little breeze as the 64 Putters and Duffers formed four-person teams for a round of putting. This was the first time that the two groups had joined together on the putting green. Since the Putters were the host club, they, of course, had to add a challenge AKA “fun” hole to the mix. Using their putter each had to putt a potato. Duffer Ed Radzke was the only one to get a hole-in-one with his potato. You should have seen (and heard) his excitement.

While the statisticians checked all the score cards and determined the winners, the rest of the group enjoyed a continental breakfast on the Madera Clubhouse patio.

Members of the first-place team, Frieda Hyles, Mike Senatra, Kathy Guy and Bob Van Dyck, scored an impressive 151 for the team. Each won $15. The second-place team with Patty Hall, Bill Drozda, Lynda Pilcher and Loren Hart had a low gross score of 160 and won $10 each.

The Putters were the champions when it came to holes-in-one. Lynda Pilcher, Saville Gardner and Marilyn Findley each got four which earned each of them $5. Duffers Ray Trombino, Mike Senatra and Brian Dodd got three each and also won $5.

Frieda Hyles with a low individual gross score of 36 earned $10 as did Tom Chandler with his 34. Only one golfer, Jim Hall, got a hole-in-one on the mystery hole. He won $5 for that achievement.

The Duffers had such a great time that rumor has it that they will be back again in 2019.