Notes From The Green Committee

Robert Lewis, Chairperson

Well, we have seen some of the most unusual weather for southern Arizona in many, many years. I applaud those that have braved the elements to play. I have been able to play a few rounds and, in spite of the unusual conditions, find the course in good condition.

A couple of reminders, however. First, those with handicap flags need to follow the rules to ensure a good transition in the spring. Two rules that have been seen as the most egregious are 1) staying 20 feet from the green; 2) keeping off the dormant roughs. I recognize that those with handicap flags have them for a reason; however, rules have been developed to respect the need for the flag and also to ensure that sensitive areas are protected.

We still need to make an effort to fix ball marks on the greens and also to fill divots particularly on the teeing areas. Regular sand is okay to put on the teeing areas. JR’s staff, as well as the Adopt-A-Hole folks are also attending to this so we should have more than adequate coverage if we all do our part.

Speaking of the Adopt-A-Hole, Richard Messer, [email protected], the manager of this most important program, is looking for a couple additional volunteers to ensure adequate coverage for all golf holes on the course. I was involved for about three years in this program and find it is an outstanding way to support a great looking golf course, for very little effort and time on any single individual. It simply involves filling divots, fixing ball marks, etc. on one hole (or more if you are inclined) once a week. Issues can be reported to the Green Committee or Richard Messer (email above) if you are interested in volunteering or would like additional information on this program.

Our Green Committee teams assigned to work with Joel and JR are finding this an excellent way of communicating and resolving issues. Coordinating with the various golf associations as conduits for identifying issues to the Green Committee seems to also be seeing success. Having your issues a week before the meetings allows the Green Committee teams to address those concerns with Joel and JR prior to the meeting so a response can be provided at the meeting. I thank all of you for supporting this method of communications. This makes the Green Committee meetings more focused on issues and the response presented.