New Green Committee members and assignments

Robert Lewis, Chairperson
First, I would like to introduce the new Green Committee Board members for 2019. I am Robert Lewis, and I have been elected by the new Green Committee Board to serve as Chairperson. The elected At-Large members include: Doug Detman, Vice Chairperson; Wally Howard, Communications; Bill Drozda, Finance and Ed Pope, Secretary. The Association Representative members include: Shel Zatkin, QCMGA; Bill Albert, QCMNGA; Jacquie Owens, QCLGA and Cheri Sipe, QC9LGA.
The At-Large members have been divided into work teams that will communicate directly with Joel Jaress, Head Golf Professional and JR Kies, Course Superintendent and the Property Owners Association (POA) Board members.
Doug Detman and Wally Howard will serve as the Green Committee liaison with JR Kies. They will function as a conduit for information flowing between the Green Committee, the Golf Associations and community at large.
Bill Drozda and Ed Pope will serve as liaison with Joel Jaress and provide the same services and functions with our Head Golf Professional.
As Chairperson I will serve as the primary liaison with the POA Board Members.
Under this process, any Green Committee member will be available to facilitate questions, concerns or issues that any feel needs to be addressed with Joel or JR. In addition, these work teams will provide information and results concerning issues at the Green Committee meetings and subsequently into the official minutes. This transfer of information will also include events, tournaments or conditions that may impact play as well as inform the general community of improvements and response actions taken by JR or Joel.
The Green Committee Golf Association representatives have been tasked to continually query their groups for questions, issues or concerns to funnel to JR and/or Joel through the work teams. This process will work to ensure active involvement and input from all Association members with the Head Pro and Course Superintendent. The Association Representative members will also support a number of activities that will take place over the course of the year, which will include conducting surveys, discussions groups and information dissemination for inclusion of the entire golf community.
At our last Green Committee meeting, a question was raised concerning methodologies available to expedite notification to players of a frost delay. Joel outlined that currently, there are multiple ways for one to check for a frost delay. Joel has set the priority of the Pro Shop to include: updating the phone message for traditional call-in, 393-5817; updating the day’s tee sheet for members to check if they have been changed due to delay and sending out email notifications through Chelsea to all slated to play.
As Chair, it is our goal on the Green Committee to continue to pursue processes that work for all members of the Quail Creek golf community with a goal to help ensure a continually exceptional golf experience at all levels.