Honor Flight Mail Call: thank our veterans

The Honor Flight is taking 75 Korean War Veterans and Vietnam Veterans to Washington DC to visit memorials commemorating their service. The next chartered flight from Tucson Airport is April 23-24. On the return flight “Mail Call” is announced. The guardian for each veteran delivers a packet of notes from family, relatives, friends, The Women of Quail Creek and school children thanking them for their service to our country. Please write 55 notes of appreciation to the veterans: “To a Veteran” or “To a Hero” (a single note can be written and copies printed). Flight 25 was cancelled in September. They have notes. Some dropped out. The replacements and veterans in Flight 27 need notes. Nearly all WWII veterans, who are well enough, have made the trip. Mail Call is a highlight of the trip. The tributes are personal and remind those who served that they have not been forgotten. It’s a very emotional experience. Please fold the notes and seal with a sticker and give to Kay Robinson, 898 N. Kenneth Drive, Green Valley, (Quail Creek between Glen Canyon and Sawyer) by April 8.