Golf and Dress Code notice

Skip and Dreama Fumia

If you’ve taken a look at the Green Committee minutes from January 4, 2016, you’ll find that the committee addressed our current dress code for QC golf. The topic arose after Chair Ralph Scafuri had witnessed guests on our practice range dressed in blue jeans and posed the question, “Are we too restrictive in our golf course dress code?” As you know, blue jeans are not currently permitted on our golf course or practice range. Our QC Rules (8.5 Dress Code) describes other prohibited attire and is worth re-reading (on our HOA website/Golf/Golf Rules and Policies/Dress Code).

You might be asking yourself, what difference does it make? If you have the time (!), do some online searching of golf and dress codes. You’ll find descriptions of which courses typically have a policy of “anything goes” (mostly municipal courses) to those “most stringent” (men must wear long trousers – no shorts). We’re somewhere in between, but closer to the most stringent. Why is that? It seems that when players are held to a higher standard in dress, their decorum on the course rises to that level. Here at QC, we want our entire golf course experience to be elevated and that includes player attitude and respect. Think about it. If we permitted blue jeans, then come tee shirts, then tattered wear and flip-flops – you get the picture and it isn’t pretty! If golfers prepare themselves for play with a little more care, that attitude is more likely to transfer to care for the course as well as a display of proper etiquette to fellow competitors and staff.

All members of the Green Committee supported our current dress code as recommended by our head professional. What is interesting is that we, as a Green Committee, continue to address a variety of golf course topics and consider whether long-held practices need to be changed. It’s a good indication that we are on the right path of continuous product and service improvement.

By the way, violations of our current dress code are typically committed by guests who are unaware of our Rules. Remember, it is the responsibility of residents to ensure their guests abide by our Rules. Our golf staff does their best to ensure compliance with our dress code while trying to be considerate of our guests. For example, if a player (resident or guest) shows up for a tee time dressed in blue jeans, the Pro Shop staff informs them they may not play unless they change attire. If a resident or guest is discovered inappropriately dressed at the practice range and they’ve just purchased a bucket of balls, the staff will advise them that they’ll need to either change clothes or leave the range after they finish their bucket of balls.

All in all, if you are a QC golfer, remember to abide by our golf course dress code. If you have guests, be sure to make them aware. In the end it helps us maintain the standards of a higher quality golf experience.