Computer Club hosts free computer clinic day

Joe Busboom helping residents with their computer problems

Joe Busboom helping residents with their computer problems

The Quail Creek Computer Club Hosted a Free Computer Clinic Day with Joe Busboom. Joe is a local area computer expert who has helped numerous Quail Creek residents. As a thank you to the Quail Creek community for its continued support, Joe offered a full day of his time to help all Quail Creek residents with their computer problems. The Clinic was held on February 27. Thirty two residents participated with a wide range of problems from wanting advice on buying a new PC to a mouse going in the opposite direction of what it should. The most common problem was a slow computer.

With Joe’s years of experience and knowledge of the inside working of the computer he was able to help up to three people at a time. Plus, a Triage Team of club members also pitched in. Everyone that attended left very happy to have their computer questions answered or problems fixed.

If you were not able to come to this event you can still get Joe Busboom’s practical and affordable advice with your computer needs by calling him at 520-440-1373.

Computer Club members can avail themselves of free computer help when they attend one of the regular club help clinics.