Ask Your Agents

Dear Cheri and Tammy,

Last year I wrote to you asking about “Travel Tips” which you had gathered from your experience and other travelers. I was wondering if you have any more to share over the past year.

Signed, Tipsy Traveler

Dear Tipsy,

But of course! Here are a few that we use as well as wonderful suggestions from our clients.

One trick I’ve learned when traveling is to snap a digital photo of any place you repeatedly go to. For example, if I’m taking a cab in a foreign country, showing the driver a photo of my hotel helps us to avoid a misunderstanding.

One of the few things that irks one of my female clients is opening up her cosmetic case only to discover she’s missing an essential item. So this past winter, she purchased a duplicate set of all her favorite products. Having these items ready and waiting allows her to pack quickly and eliminates the fear that she forgot something. Thanks Melissa for sharing!

If you’re traveling with children, making a game of navigating the airport is much less taxing for the whole family. So as soon as you get to the airport, get the kids to play “I Spy.” Take a book that lists different areas of an airport (like the check-in desk or luggage carousel) and challenge the little ones to spot all the locations. The task will keep them busy – meaning no whining. You can even offer a prize once onboard the airplane – or better yet at the destination! Thanks Katie for sharing!

My guy and I share suitcases. Half of my stuff goes into his luggage and half of his goes into mine. If one bag fails to arrive at our destination, neither one of us is stuck without a fresh change of clothes.

To avoid spending more than you can afford, try plotting out an intricate budget for your vacation. The process entails determining all your activities ahead of time, calculating how much each one will cost and then allocating funds accordingly. If you find that you’re running low on money during the trip, you can trade a fancy meal for something different. Of course, you’ll always want a little fun money too! Thanks Mike for sharing!

Traveling can be stressful, but with the good attitude and a little bit of planning, any vacations can be enjoyed with its hiccups!

Happy Travels!

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