A letter from heaven

Dr. Madelaine Paschal

As a senior and in the twilight of my years here on earth, I have begun to ask myself many questions about the place I hope I go, you know, after.

And because I pray I end up ‘up there’, I also pray I’ll see my beloved pets who shaped me into the person I am today. As their master, I learned to care for each in their own certain space, to nurture each as they would have me nurture them, and love them unconditionally as they loved me.

And so, just recently I heard one of my pet babies actually talk to me after they arrived at the pearly gates. Now don’t go thinking that I’ve reached the senility phase of my very long life; well maybe I have but you know darn well what I’m talking about. Your beloved pets can actually speak to your heart just by looking at you and you know it! And mine did. He, as my imagination dictated, wrote me a letter from there, and it went sort of like this:

Dear Master,

Heaven is just like when we were together

We have trees and bushes…and even warm weather!

We play with the children who are already here,

But I’ll wait for you no matter the years.

Heaven is happy with cuddly soft places,

And so many Frisbees with lots of good chases.

But when you get here and walk through the gates,

You’ll see me there, it’s the place where I wait.

I’ll show you the path that looks like our own…

You know…the one where we walked not far from our home.

And you won’t need a leash or watch out for cars,

Because way up here, you’re protected by stars!

We each have our own, and we always have light…

So, we don’t have to worry what’s out there ‘at night’.

The days are just right…with no scary thunder,

And we sniff and we play…and don’t have to wonder

If the gate will open and you will be there,

Because just like at home, I know you still care.

So, don’t worry about me, and you come when you should,

I’ll always be yours, and I’ll always be good.

You taught me so much, but I taught you too…

That love never ends…it bonds me to you.

And all through the years when you held me so close,

I let you, because…I loved you the most.


Your best friend (and always will be)

So, there you have it. A senior moment? Well, maybe. But when you stop and think about it, we all hope and pray that those who have gone on before us are up there waiting for us to get there, to jump up on us when we enter the gates, to wag their happy tails and to lick us right where and when we’re least expecting it. Come on now, you know I’m right!