TWOQC next meeting set for September 30

Marilyn Miller

On September 30 The Women of Quail Creek, TWOQC, will hold its monthly meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Dr. Eric Kaldahl, a Registered Professional Archaeologist who has worked on projects in the east, central and southern Arizona, Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois, will be the guest speaker. He will represent the Amerind Foundation and Art Center which is located in Dragoon, Arizona. He has held many different positions among them working for Old Pueblo Archaeology Center of Tucson, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Anthropology and also was a curator for the Tohono O’odham Nation Government. He became the Amerind Museum’s Chief Curator in October of 2007.

His talk will include the history of the Amerind Foundation and itscontributions to help better understand the history of the Native American people in Arizona, New Mexico and Chihuahua. He will also show photographs as he speaks.

Dr. Kaldahl will welcome questions following his presentation.

There will be a door prize drawing following the program and you must be present to win.

All members and women guests who have not previously attended TWOQC functions as well as all Quail Creek women who are interested in joining the organization are invited to attend.