The Women of Quail Creek 2019 scholarship winners

Left to right: Arely Alvarez, Priscila Madrigal and Samantha Gutierrez.

Cindy Mayron
On April 29, the Women of Quail Creek awarded its 2019 scholarships to three graduating Sahuarita High School seniors and four Women in Transition. As each winner came up to accept her check, tears were flowing from the recipients, their families and the audience as they shared their stories. “Education paves the way for our future. We can change the world in many ways, big or small, with a wonderful attitude, by believing in ourselves and reaching out to others,” said Suzan Bryceland, the scholarship committee chair.
“All of our recipients realized the importance of education and the opportunities it would bring to their lives that would help them achieve their educational goals with this financial support,” Bryceland added. Since the program started in 2016, $27,700 in donations have been awarded to 11 high school students and seven Women in Transition.
Samantha Gutierrez plans to use the $2000 to major in Media at Pima Community College. “I want to combine my two studies and collaborate ideas in the worlds of media and fashion to earn success and share the happiness I have found by following my passions and dreams.”
Arely Alvarez plans on using the $1000 to major in Digital Media at Pima Community College, “I love to be able to have an idea and make it come to life with the videos I make.”
Priscila Madrigal will use the $1000 to pursue a major in Therapy/Counseling at Pima Community College. “I want to create a fulfilling life for myself and those around me.”
WOMEN IN TRANSITION WINNERS: Each was awarded a $2100 scholarship,
This year there were 17 applicants, ages 21-72, for the Women in Transition Scholarships. Each winner had her own unique story to share and how the money will help her achieve her goals.
Marisa Acosta plans on earning a teaching certificate so she can continue to teach her fifth graders at San Xavier Mission School. “Teaching is a rewarding career that challenges you to become a better person by taking a good look at yourself and showing the 17 little minds what’s out there for their future; college, engineering aerospace or medicine.”
Vikki Dempsey: Vikki was laid off when the non-profit she had worked at for 17 years lost its funding; the entire program, including Vikki’s management position, came to an end. “It’s been a hard transition but I picked myself up, and I knew I would have to go back to school to find a rewarding second career that offered a healthy job forecast and a sense of financial security.” She will graduate in December with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Health Information Technology to become a health information technician.
Lacy Sundahl: “I look forward to starting my Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree this August. Your help means the world to me. My grandfather taught me morals and giving back to others. I am so excited to start nursing school and someday be in your position to give back to the community!”
Samantha Zurcher: “I am the wife of a Wounded Warrior veteran and the mother of a three-year-old daughter. I want to be a good example to my daughter to teach her that you can accomplish anything once you set your mind to it. I would also like to thank my husband for his support and belief in me: This usually doesn’t happen to a 33-year-old mother like me.” In addition to studying business at Pima Community College, she works at the 162nd Air National Guard Wing as a Yellow Ribbon Specialist.