March 2014—Happy Birthday to you!

Next time you see someone on this list, wish them a happy birthday! Better yet, stop by the Quail Creek Grill with them for their complimentary dessert!

If we missed your birthday or you didn’t receive your e-birthday card, please take a moment and let me know. Please call or email the information to me at 444-2575 or so you can be included on the list. A signup sheet is also available at the clubhouse in the Sunshine folder.

04/01 Bill Weyers

04/02 Margaret Morris, Wes Whitman

04/03 Frances Bass, Dan Doyle, Norman Pack, Nick Pavle

04/04 John Cox, Bill Pottle

04/05 Peggy Brown, Berniece James, Larry Phillips, Bea Swieck, Paul Uricchio

04/06 Roger McFarland, Diane Smith

04/07 Ken Bice, Julie Claeys, Tom Fava

04/08 Ken McCabe, Marie Ryder

04/09 Kathy Haug, Julie Daines Oravetz, Helen Phillips, Sharon Thompson

04/10 Joe Cardiel, Gloria Clancy, Daryl Laux

04/11 Bill Brown

04/12 Hank Pinola, Bill Weyers

04/13 Tom Barrow, Larry Martin, Rubén Rubio, Dawn Sundberg, Phil Richard, Dee Waggoner

04/14 Rick Hunnicutt, Paul Jaffe

04/15 Lindsay Dickinson, Bill Thies, Gail Fay

04/16 Carol Hansen, Art Leibowitz

04/17 Lynda Eckebrecht, Charlotte Piepmeier, Otto Rath, Ron Turner

04/18 Pat Harman, Rich Norris

04/19 Carol McInnis, Jeanie Otterson

04/20 Frances Karch, Mike Laskowski, Bill Michels

04/21 Silvana Delpicolo

04/22 Marvin Clark, Ken Crombie, Robert Joba, Bob Kirchberger

04/23 John Robbins, Shel Zatkin

04/24 Ed Mancini

04/25 Jennifer Doyle, Tony Kang, John Morris

04/26 Robert Burnham, Steve Walker

04/27 Pat Dionne, Vince Lombardi, Heather Otto

04/28 Linda Hammack, Susan Haring, Billie Harsch, Lela Pavlick, Doris Thomas, George Johnson

04/30 Vic Niemiec, Ray Robinson, Margot Wigley