Happy Birthday to you!

Your birthday is a very special day! To help you celebrate, the Quail Creek Grill welcomes you to stop by for a complimentary dessert!

Did we miss your birthday? Please take a moment and either call or email the information to me at 399-2314 or [email protected] so you can be included on the list. A sign-up sheet is also available at the clubhouse.

06/01: Sharon Charles, Ron Bengston

06/02: Julie Poole, Phyllis Quinn

06/03: Ann Bengston, Bob Hallinan, Dolores Spencer

06/04: Irma Laskowski, Evelyn Held

06/05: Glenda Thurman

06/06: Ray Hebert, Steve Jenkins, Lee Ann Calhoun, Nita Sharpley

06/07: Tracey Fundine, Paula Jones

06/08: Vince de Santis, Gwen Mowat, Steve Pruess, Billy Barnes, Fran Krezek

06/09: Mary Richard, Charles Hollar, Roy Smalley

06/10: Jerry Crane, Larry Towle

06/11: Bill Sauder

06/12: Martha Anderson, Ralph Harris, Ginny Hutcheson, Janelle Hyslop, Genie Peters

06/13: Ginny Case, Sharon Taras

06/14: Jeanne Reinhardt

06/15: Gary Bataller, Gordon Bobillot, John Bolling, Tudi Bolling, Janet Delcour, Barbara Hillquist, Suzanne Stillwagon

06/16: Larry Brooks

06/17: Veronica Brown, Sandra Kudrna, Betty Walker, James Wilson

06/18: Susan Bataller, Ann Holmes, Russ Riordon, Rich Fancher, Rosemarie Weldon

06/19: John Anastasi, Dick Jensen, Linda Klaus

06/20: Dorothy Koch, Phyllis Jenison, Chuck Milne, Barbara Oxner, Charles Poffenbarger

06/21: Alice Dyke, Lenore O’Connell

06/22: Gil Lusk, Jack Wieb

06/23: Sherrie Bigelow

06/24: Janis Ferraro, Mary Fix, Doug Holly, Barry Peacock

06/25: Timber Friedman, Kathy Henry

06/26: Paula Venters

06/27: Ruth Henkel, Jeanie Insley

06/28: Jackie Edwards

06/29: Gerald Bigelow, Tommy Calhoun, Bill Held, Bruce MacDonald

06/30: Henry Harrison