Happy Birthday to you!

Next time you see someone on this list, wish them a happy birthday! Better yet, stop by the Quail Creek Grill with them for their complimentary dessert!

If we missed your birthday or you didn’t receive your e-Birthday Card, please take a moment and let me know. Please call or email the information to me at 444-2575 or send an email to quailcreeksunshine@gmail.com so you can be included on the list. A signup sheet is also available at the clubhouse in the Sunshine folder.

02/02 Howard Brown, Bonnita Wirth

02/03 Joy Roberts, Jackie Strawhecker, Buzz Walton

02/04 Bill Bucy, Genevieve Santo, Gui Harris, Jerry Luce

02/05 Vicki Mahr, Jim Johnson, Joy Sack, Leanne Swank

02/06 Jacqueline Hollar, Joyce Rossi, Harvey Trott

02/07 Conrad Erickson, Barbara Haley, Ralph Scafuri

02/08 Raymond Beck, Sharon Hayes, Roger Kreitzberg

02/09 Lois Griffith, James Hugus, Kelvin Kent, Sandy Mason, Alberta Seidel, Marlys Swenson

02/10 Ron Caldwell, Roger Oravetz, John Phair

02/11 Ron Courson, Roger Fendt, Bill Garside

02/12 Mary Drozda, Lyn Kirchberger, Barbara Milne, John Rooney, Bob Shesgreen

02/13 Rhonda Baker, Mary Ellen Carr, Charlotte Hurnblad, Mike McCrorie

02/14 Ken Bottemiller, Craig Dresman, Vernon Foecking, John Pavlick, Betty Towle

02/15 Dick Fryan, David Oxner, Peter Tinel

02/16 Sandra Davidson, Don Mounce, Marilyn Schum

02/17 Lois Cummings

02/18 Duane Blumberg, James Hayes, Michael Ley

02/19 Bev Dykes, Susan Simpson

02/20 Cindy Currie, Kenneth Haley, Trish Noel, Janice Rooney

02/21 Howie Brown, Stephanie Reynolds, Bob Shumate

02/23 Wayne Fix

02/24 Loretta Halboth, Bill James, Jacqueline Nicolini, Gary Paquin, Linda Renspurger, Gary Rumbles, Diana Soderberg

02/25 James Anderson, Janet Christopherson, Mary Lou Haas, Julianne Haupt, Vance Klaus, Ann Sprague

02/26 Carol Joba, Susan Keegan, Bob O’Connell, Jean Pastore

02/27 Beatie Bucy, Tom Edwards, Susan Flaata, Barbara Fryan, Bruce Harris, Pam Hopper, Patty Harding, Bruce Harris, Christine Niemiec, Sally Robuck, Carole Smetanka