Happy Birthday to you!

Next time you see someone on this list, wish them a happy birthday! Better yet, stop by the Quail Creek Grill with them for their complimentary dessert!

If we missed your birthday or you didn’t receive your e-birthday card, please take a moment and let me know. Please call or email the information to me at 444-2575 or send an email to: quailcreeksunshine@gmail.com so you can be included on the list. A signup sheet is also available at the clubhouse in the Sunshine folder.

01/01 Gary Henkel, Gay Vance

01/02 Bob Moon

01/03 Dottie Ehrlich, Wayne Ehrlich, Jerry Hutcheson

01/04 Mike Adamo, Betty Cox, Chuck Eparvier, Barry Haber, Arthur Mayhle, Dick Sussman, Judy Winfield

01/05 Vincent Kavlick

01/06 Ruth Bradley, Laura Colbert, Dave Labossiere, Marlin Pierson, Nancy Riordon, Dave Sokol, Ellen Sussman, Melita Thompson

01/07 Carol Clifford

01/08 Mark Heth, Cindy Sylvester

01/09 Laurie Brown, Joy Green, Pat Hartwell, Buddy McDonald, Mary Opdenbrouw, George Ryder

01/10 Alan Kronmiller, Edward Larkey, Jeanine Muir, Ed Stalder, Ted Walden

01/11 Jane Cacas, Dick North, Paul Simpson

01/12 Patty Zatkin

01/13 Bill Fundine, Peggy Quail, Kay Robinson

01/14 Eleanor Deford, Steele Holmes, John Webber

01/15 Beverly Tinel

01/16 Gail Gallego, Ross Butch Litfin, Jacque Renshaw

01/17 Liz Diedrich, Frieda Hyles, Harry Pell, Sharon Petersburg, Diane Quinn

01/18 Richard Christopherson, Terry Hopper, Stanley Solomon

01/19 Kim Kirchgessner, Don LaCoste, Lydia Lukins, Michael Murphy

01/20 Patty Forbes, Don Krezek, Florence Lehman

01/21 Linda Wiebe

01/22 Theresa Gresham, Dave Hartwell, Mary Johnson, Jim Kuderna, Suzie Price

01/23 Judith Brzinski, Edward McCoy, Irene Silverman

01/24 Bob Perkins, Rita Surel

01/25 Linda Freeman, Chuck Kell, Kathy Kelley, Tom Quail, Dan Rusch, Barbara Thatcher

01/26 Rich Falsey

01/27 Ken Campbell, Ann Engelbrekston, Bob Johnson, John Mollison, Sherry Royer, Bob Spears

01/28 Carol Broom, Mary Lynne Brunner, Patty Herrick, Nancy Thies

01/29 Leah Grasso, Bernie Farnbach, Shirley Kuhl, John McGee

01/30 Arlene Zaloznik

01/30 Kareen Kell, Sherri Mayhew, Frank Pool