Happy Birthday to you!

Know someone on this list? Next time you them, wish them a happy birthday! Better yet, stop by the Quail Creek Grill with them for their complimentary dessert!

Did we miss your birthday? Please take a moment and either phone the information to me at 444-2575 or email me at quailcreeksunshine@gmail.com so you can be included on the list. A signup sheet is also available at the clubhouse in the Sunshine folder.

11/1 Patti Dailey

11/2 Noel Price

11/3 Brandon Armstrong Connie Rusch

11/4 Fred Cook, Roey Fowler

11/5 Jana Eaton, Brenda Kreitzberg, Judi Russell

11/6 Bill Kretschmer, Judy Poffenbarger, Gregg Stotz

11/7 Diana Diou

11/10 Fran Difazio, Tim Weldon

11/11 Greg Cacas, Kathy Keegan

11/12 Jon Hammack, Judi White

11/13 Jeff Passante

11/15 James Koch

11/18 Jerry Colbert, Doug Mutter

11/17 Mike Laux, Sandy Radke

11/19 Alan Barton, Margaret Blumberg, Kathi Bobillot, Shelly Johnson, Curt Summers, Janice Swain

11/20 Donna Camerlo, Cindy Carroll, Margaret Pahoresky, Vickie Sullivan, Paul White

11/22 Arne Kolb, Monique Larkey

11/23 Curt Haug, Nancy McDonald, Donna Pack, Yoshie Pinola

11/24 Bob Bonville

11/26 Grey Griffiths, Marci Yenerich

11/27 Jane Bottlinger, Joy Starkovich

11/28 Davy Bass

11/29 Ed Faulkner

11/30 Judy Cavalli