Happy Birthday!

Quail Creek Sunshine

QC Sunshine was all set to suggest another fun and exciting activity during our quarantine. Somehow, the lingering heat would just take the fun out of it. Until it cools off, enjoy the anticipation until next month.

Meanwhile, give yourselves a nice pat on the back. You’ve endured the months of upheaval in your usual routine. Who knew we’d have one-way shopping aisles? You have learned to identify your friends and neighbors just by their eyes, and we certainly can be proud to have mastered conversations muffled by surgical masks! Oh, and we’ve become proficient at online shopping. That skill will certainly be useful in the coming holidays.

Best of all, we have learned how to have Zoom meetings, hosted virtual dinner parties, and continue to take the time and make the effort to keep in touch with loved ones. Yes, you deserve a pat on the back—virtual, of course.

You can contact Quail Creek Sunshine at [email protected] or text 520-444-2575 (no voicemail) Subject: Birthday; please include your name and email address.

10/15        Kay Adams, Fred Doerges, La Rue Haff, Tommy Reid, Christine Tokle

10/16        Linda Milder, Pete Speece, Margaret Zachau

10/17        Pete Delcour, Linda Flynn, Becky Kent, Judy McKinley

10/18        Carol Alberta, Sandy Dinnocenti, Roger McMahon

10/19        Vance Carver, Terry Fowler, Alta Hughes, Jeff McCume, Chris Sánchez, Diana Schwartz, Richard Sparks, Carolyn Trott

10/20        Judy Brown, Jean Cartier, Steve Cline, Anita Fisk, Ray Rosenbach

10/21        Tom Krizman, Joe McCaughery, Knox Thomason, Bob Winfield

10/22        Jim Bradley

10/23        Jo-Anna, Garry Richardson, Barbara Ware

10/24        Marilyn Christiansen, Sharon Prusak, Corbett Sponcel

10/25        Mark Elliot, Jerri Perkins

10/26        Greg Griffiths, John Gunter, Donna Wieb

10/27        Pam Butler, Dell Jacoby, Peggy McGee, Gerri Raisinski, Trish Riniker, Bonnie Smith

10/28        Gary Davis, Jeanne Desmond, Kim France, Patti Giannasi, Carol Smith

10/29        Don Anderson, Dennis Day, Toni Pastor, Barb Polak, George German

10/30        Kathleen Baker, Patrick McCoy

10/31        Sharon Krueger, Jackie Olson, Barbara Schlosser, Kathleen Stone

11/01        Patti Dailey, Doug Kosloske

11/02        Merle Ferguson, Noel Price

11/03        Brandon Armstrong, Dave Beck, Nina Mason, Tim Morey, Connie Rusch, Marty Schwartz

11/04        Kaylene Avery, Fred Cook, David Delker, Roey Fowler, Clarice Sullivan

11/05        Jana Eaton, Brenda Kreitzberg, Ted Myrick, Elaine Walker

11/06        Bill Kretschmer, Judy Poffenbarger, Gregg Stotz

11/07        Diana Diou

11/08        Dave Goodrich, Diane Gordon, Karen Krygier, Lou Moretto, Pat Morris, Chuck Voelkl

11/09        Lois Dailey, Patti Grant, Cher Rowland

11/10        Harold Alleman, Fran Difazio, Cooper Eastman, Tim Weldon

11/11        Greg Cacas, Kathy Keegan, Susan Mandel, Brenda Peters

11/12        Nancy McCann, Lisa Robbins, Judi White

11/13        Lisa Johnson, Edward Marquis, Jeff Passante

11/14        Ron Gearhardt, Dennis Giannakakis, Janet Howard, Bob Lyle

11/15        Audrey Fatula, James Koch, Jan Noll, Diane Wilson

11/16        Patti Bembe, Joseph Uhric

11/17        Angela Baum, Greg Dinnocenti, Mike Laux, Sandy Radke, Carol Shelton

11/18        Jerry Colbert, Doug Mutter

11/19        Dawn Alleman, Alan Barton, Margaret Blumberg, Kathi Bobillot, Brad Grant, Shelly Johnson, Curt Summers, Janice Swain

11/20        Donna Camerlo, Cindy Carroll, Margaret Pahoresky, Helen Stevens, Paul White

11/21        Joyce Clark, Susan Martin, Wendell Stoddart

11/22        Mark Bennington, Diane Borst, Arne Kolb, Monique Larkey, Richard Morgan, Mike Payne, Jean Rostollan

11/23        Curt Haug, Nancy McDonald, Tom Morris, Donna Pack

11/24        Bob Bonville, Dick Dailey, Jack Davis

11/25        Jim Cooley

11/26        Grey Griffiths, Lynn Payne, Marci Yenerich

11/27        Jane Bottlinger, Dana Stanley

11/28        Davy Bass, Sherri Harris, Jay Lucas, Dot McKee, Vicki Sullivan

11/29        Larry Capper, Lois Davis, Amy Giannakakis

11/30        Linda Ginnard, Roy Romstad, Kris Weinberg